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About DPES(Guangzhou Xuanhua Exhibition Co.,Ltd.)

Brief Introduction:


With continuous development and innovation in digital technology, products related to inkjet printing, engraving and signage have been widely used, having closer and closer relationship with each other. Such relationship will be further enhanced with the emergence of D-PES. DPES is dedicated to be the best value-added and highly effective integrated service platform in order to provide overall aspects of communication, consulting, trading solutions for the product manufacturers, R & D, product design, materials, accessories, distribution channels in the whole industry chain, and it assumes the responsibility of Chinese products to expand the international market, establish an international brand, extend cohesive force in the industry.



DPES Interpretation:


DPES Interpretation: With the inspiration of the industry union, let us begin to develop and cultivate ideas to promote the brand new image of Chinese Printing, Engraving and Signage Industry to the international market.


DPES Framework:



Union Tenets:

Article One: Establish smooth communication platform within the industry in order to increase mutual understanding and trust between industries and enterprises;
Article Two: Promote a gradual formation of a regional cooperative mechanism between industries and enterprises based on technological R & D and market development;
Article Three: Promote the integration of advantageous resources and superior resources sharing;
within the industry;

Article Four: Provide guidance services for the successful expansion of enterprise products to the international market and the establishment of an international brand strategy;
Article Five: In the interests of industries and enterprises, rely on the strength of unity to obtain the right to express their ideas.